So i started a blog outside of… like a few others have.

today i’m scanning, chillin, i may shoot a show tonight. i should message the stage manager now.

most of the delta 400 i’ve shot has been wierd… over, under… gray yuk. still learning though.

okay, not just the delta. a vast amount of negs scanned over the past week have been morgan burning through too much film.
that was tmax100 with the cosina. which leaked some frames, but i like that photo.

because i have a scanner now, i can see what i’ve shot. over the past… whatever. 7 months?

and learn.

and that is good.

because i wasn’t about to pay for 30 rolls to be printed or scanned at the lab.

anyway. i did ok. i have some stuff that i’m happy with… and i’m finding what i really REALLY enjoy making photographs of.

see you around.


~ by zenhead on July 25, 2006.

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