whats with all the fours?

four beers please.four heavy’s please.

four bitters please.

four beers please.

what the fuck is with the fours?

did my fingers look cool indicating i had heard you say “4 beers”?

i wish i had a camera behind the bar tonight. at my second job.

for some moments.

and… some really… really good looking twins…

i mean. please. come back soon, ok?

this was ben from pixelmedia prod., shooting zen zen zo‘s latest show last night/this morning


i said… this is for the website mate…

he’s such a cool guy.

so. uber. in west end.

it was rather dead. and it was a friday… go figure. but these two were really cool.

i had to shoot the club people though. then i got bored…

sb-600 was picked up today… i’ll keep it this time… i need it more now.

it’s useful.

and that guy on the right was wierd.

i went to the bookshop today following a conversation with a friend of mine about inspiration and challenge. and how it influences ones creative urge.

i went outside and took photos of everything.


like the police.


i even thought an umbrella was photogenic.


so… tomorrow i shoot the actual show part of the kenmore high fashion parade. which has been so much fun to shoot.

and next week i’m doing another high school show with zen zen zo. with corinda state.

i loved shooting kelvin grove… can’t wait for this one.

i wish i could show some of the stuff from those… perhaps next year.

the kids… are in school… and the school haven’t got forms saying yeah, morgan can blog our kids.

you can see this though…

all keep safe. hope you like my little day of photos.



~ by zenhead on July 29, 2006.

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