3:00am is a shitty hour…

I hate sleepless nights.

I signed an invoice for the kenmore job though. That feels good.

I might buy some new shoes today. I need something casual, without looking like a total wanker in those sneaker/ballet shoe fucking cross breeds. whatever.

phil’s are cool though;)
I  ressurected the minolta. a rubber band holds the film advance on… dangling from the strap. i use it like a key to wind on every new frame!

hope the novelty doesn’t wear off soon…

hey what the fuck am i saying. it already has. damn.

hp5 is nice tho.

have a good day,



~ by zenhead on August 4, 2006.

2 Responses to “3:00am is a shitty hour…”

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  2. Heh… my shoes rock… that’s right! 😉

    I start my 400 of hp5….

    after 3 more shots of velvia..

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