photos can only be as good as the moments. must remember that.

it’s good when you feel something amazing when you press the shutter.

sorry… i’m juggling some shit while i’m writing this, so it’s gonna be all over the place.

the main booth at family… whose 5th birthday bash i covered last night for getanightlife

plug for pioneer!

then some crazies…


then at about 2:30… “omg… it’s the guy who took pictures of us at family!!”


they loved tongues.

and weird poses on the footpath in the valley… whatever!!


crazy times.

this was the uncle booth… upstairs at family…


and where this was playing…


before i did all this, i was shooting zen zen zo again… doing a show at corinda state high.

i dont think i can post any. it’s a school show, so all those forms that need signing… but… there are some frames there that i am really pleased with.

and its funny… the difference between what i was shooting at the school, and at the club;)

i think its so amazing that zen zen zo do the things that they do. such beautiful people.


ok, i’ll post this one. i like it. 30/1.4 is nice.


the show was an adaptation of beauty and the beast… so roses featured. of course.

off to work.




~ by zenhead on August 5, 2006.

3 Responses to “photos”

  1. hot bum detected. the 30 looks great… love the dof.

  2. solid post.. you’re using the sigma 30/1.4? my friend just purchased taht lens for his 20D.. he can be found @

    how do you like it?

    i like the quantity of images.. solid 😉

  3. Your cupcakes look 100 betters than they taste.

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