the doorbell rings…

i thought… fuck… people selling shit… but i had already seen him from inside the office, and him me, while reading the rants of some guy.
so… t’would be rather rude to leave it for someone else. or not answer at all.

i open then door, and this guy from epilepsy queensland says hi, and asks if i want to make a donation.

he’s like… shorter than i am. with this slight frame. and the badge and the reciepts and the clipboard.

a volunteer no doubt.

i just saw him and… felt some.
i said yeah sure mate, how long have you been on?

only since 2pm. not bad.

i gave him a fiver. i would have given a $10 but i only had 20’s and a five… and didnt want to ask for change… cause that to me seems pretty fucking rude.

i couldn’t have not given some money… after spending 180 today, and with a wallet full of cash…

i should have given the 20.

ok, have some photos…

a friend.




memories of a trashy job;)


the afternoon light in my study…


some cool shit.


i drunk lots of






the walk to a cheaper taxi spot


we now have the same shoes…

peace out.


~ by zenhead on August 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “the doorbell rings…”

  1. hey morgan
    it’s a good cause, good that you donated to it. 😉

  2. kick ass brother!

    love the photos!

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