another 48 hours

perhaps… photography is a calling.

for me to live, see, feel… i’m feeling more and more how i just have to photograph what goes on around me.

what happens to the people i know and love. and sometimes it’s things that i see. but mostly people.


i look at photographs from last week… a few months back… some of my early snaps…

all the way to photographs taken by some relative or friend… 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.

if they hadn’t made a photograph then, no-one else could have.

i enjoy recording beautiful things and people and whatevers to film or sensor, using dof, angles, distance, space, looking for light, keeping it sharp or not so sharp or totally blurred out…

but a lot of the time it just doesnt work for me. never hits me.

seems to take a lot to hit me.

not a lot… but something out of the blue… that just makes me feel a bit.

i know that at a wedding yesterday, i took a handful of frames that were… pretty special…

beautiful even.

but that doesnt mean i’m going to be moved.

i shrug it off and burn to dvd.

but in 20 years…


my dad went to a museum in his home city and saw a photograph of 4 guys sitting in the back of an old pick up truck.

one was his dad.

whom i’ve never met.

fuck, my mum never met my fathers father. he passed away before those times…

but he was photographed on the back of a truck with some chaps. and a ciggarette holder between his lips.

once i get going, i love just writing… streaming. freeballin’.

anyway, here is my last 48 hours…

drunk poets society… (inc.)


i can’t believe i took this home in a cab the other night…


new phones… (emo portraits were taken near here, but that was for last time!)


love this…


and i like this photograph of this guy… one of my best of him i think


on the bus home…


then we had a play by the lakes…


homage to zortyboy (if you know his work, you’ll know why)




this will be a print.


peace out.


~ by zenhead on August 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “another 48 hours”

  1. thelast 4 photos are just great !!!
    keep up this nice blog =)

  2. great captures! added to my roll

  3. totally agree with you.. photos that may not move us now will have serious significance years from now.. just to reminisce if nothing else..

  4. grat shots, print definetly will look very good!

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