crispy lizard man was right.

i just lost a card of photos from a cool party of a good friend and i feel fucking bereft. it’s such a good word.

perhaps you never realise the importance of photographs until you loose them.

hope you are all well.

film rules.


found the motherfuckers!!!!!!

the relief one gets when they see them again. seriously, part of your soul gets returned to you. seriously. emo but true.

I still hope you are all well, and film stull rules!!



~ by zenhead on August 27, 2006.

3 Responses to “bereft”

  1. *phew*

  2. that feeling sucks badly…

    i know a certain wireservice photographer who went back to a venue, looked for over an hour … and found them!

    yes, film still rules!!!!!

  3. It’s spelled ‘lose’.

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