whoever made this image…


is a downright cunt.

have some fucking respect. some fucking sensitivity. some fucking humanity.

when your dad dies, do one for him.

i’d love to see it. really.

fuck you.

i hope the rest of you real people are great. i’ve been busy. my computer discourages me from doing anything other than the bare fucking essential editing and organising…

next week. when the bank gets off its fat ass and contacts my dad the way he wants them to. fuckers.



~ by zenhead on September 4, 2006.

6 Responses to “please”

  1. Yeah I agree that maybe its too soon..

    I saw another one involving sunscreen to “protect you from harmful rays”.

    Tastless, but I guess some people just use humour to help them get by.. that or they’re just bastards.

  2. right on, brother.

  3. oh c’mon, its funny (:

  4. it really irks me the number of people who are making fun of the whole accident…what kind-of people would say horrible things like “he was gonna get killed someday”…it was a fucking stingray. not a fucking crocodile.
    i hope that all those rude, insensitive people do get whats coming to them.
    morgan…when the hell are we going ice skating dammit?????…

  5. hm, i mourned his passing pretty hard yet i still find that image hilarious.

  6. Its not funny, or hilarious, its sad but by continuing to publish the piece of trash you are encouraging them!

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