love you long time

i havent posted for ages. here. i put some stuff on deviantart, but whatever… perhaps some of that will go here too.

shooting lots more than usual. mostly work stuff and not personal stuff, but hey… i’ve finally developed all the rolls of film from my trip to central oz and have scanned them all.

some cool ones.

tri-x normal.


this one with the cosina, so some light leaks… never using that thing again. but i thought this was funny, and it sums up a lot of my trip.

the masses. at least she didnt use flash rated at 0 meters when uluru was fucking 2 k’s away.


tmax 400 normal.





more tmax 400 when i got back home.


thats all for now.



~ by zenhead on September 7, 2006.

2 Responses to “love you long time”

  1. ohw… light leaks on the cosina.

    Ive been shooting with the cosina.

    I guess its time to repair the ole nikkormat.

  2. final shot was pretty solid.. a bit plain, but i love the light..

    read your comment on chris’ latest and i’ve felt horrible about dropping off for the last week or so. will be meeting up with a few friends in nyc next weekend for the vii seminar and i know we’ll be shooting like crazy.

    but i’ll definitely be posting images from las vegas. they’re pretty classic.

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