is a cooler place than brisbane.

i bought a holga.

held me first leica (an m4-p) now thats monumental. hah.

most importantly, i really enjoyed taking photos in the street. and of friends. in little alleys. and not so little alleys. on tram tracks. with film. and digital.

singing concert 1 out of 2 on the saturday night… drinking much red wine… and mouthing through a service the next morning. much barfing. hrm.

concert 2 of 2 was great though, after gatorade and macdonalds.

photos.  just a few from filmdom…the digitals haven’t been put on the computer yet. there isn’t enough space. slides haven’t come from the lab yet either. b+w’s… hrm. perhaps i’ll fasttrack melbourne ones, but there are 16 rolls in the fridge waiting. so whatever.

holga with superia 100.

st kilda.


the beach. iconic little shacks these.


my … um… ok, the kids of my mum’s cousin. whatever that makes them. hrm.

fm, 35/2, reala. the second one is a b+w conversion. flatbed scanners for negs… hrm… i don’t know how to get accurate colours. unless it’s really blue to begin with anyway. medium format worked really well though… perhaps the vast amount of concrete and road in the reala photos? scangear cs takes a bit to get the right colour values from the frame..

whatever, i’m a novice. this is what i got out of them anyway.


thats it for now. i’ll put some digital up later maybe.


~ by zenhead on October 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “melbourne”

  1. Great photos. Good eye. Really!

  2. man, i didn´t know that you´re here as well. awesome photographs ! very nice black and whites. i also didn´t know about all new toys… 85/1.8 uhuh and a holga too.
    i´m jealous…

    i think of getting a 35/1.8 rokkor or a lomo lca
    well someday not now. but i´m impressed with the lca photographs i saw.

    really cool 🙂



  4. Melbourne is a much cooler place than Brisbane or Sydney. I miss it so much.

    Nice photos btw 🙂

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