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she’s really cool and she got in to a rad course for next year.





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is a cooler place than brisbane.

i bought a holga.

held me first leica (an m4-p) now thats monumental. hah.

most importantly, i really enjoyed taking photos in the street. and of friends. in little alleys. and not so little alleys. on tram tracks. with film. and digital.

singing concert 1 out of 2 on the saturday night… drinking much red wine… and mouthing through a service the next morning. much barfing. hrm.

concert 2 of 2 was great though, after gatorade and macdonalds.

photos.  just a few from filmdom…the digitals haven’t been put on the computer yet. there isn’t enough space. slides haven’t come from the lab yet either. b+w’s… hrm. perhaps i’ll fasttrack melbourne ones, but there are 16 rolls in the fridge waiting. so whatever.

holga with superia 100.

st kilda.


the beach. iconic little shacks these.


my … um… ok, the kids of my mum’s cousin. whatever that makes them. hrm.

fm, 35/2, reala. the second one is a b+w conversion. flatbed scanners for negs… hrm… i don’t know how to get accurate colours. unless it’s really blue to begin with anyway. medium format worked really well though… perhaps the vast amount of concrete and road in the reala photos? scangear cs takes a bit to get the right colour values from the frame..

whatever, i’m a novice. this is what i got out of them anyway.


thats it for now. i’ll put some digital up later maybe.


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i got my 50/1.8 back, so the fm has something to play with now.

still looking for something wider.

photos here from shit i’ve been doing recently.







i like lauren in this photo, even though shes in the bokeh.









all here for different reasons… i gave some people at that party my blog. so i posted some shots.

shooting graduation photos is heaps of fun! fuji s2’s give the 1ds’s a run for thier money, oh yeah…

its work though.

sorry for the big files with some of these.



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ben and i got called perverts last night, because i took a photo of an old homeless man.

this little insecure bitch came after us and said that it was rude, just leave him alone.

we said… it’s journalism. yours is a valid opinion mate, its all good. we document shit in the street.

“yeah but he just wants to be left alone.”

oh does he?

talked to him, have you?

“i think its really rude, you guys walking around with cameras and shit. and look (indicates to ben), you with your video camera mate”

ben was actually filming random atmosphere shots for a doco.

“like you know what i was filming. just because i have a camera/”

“/yeah, and he took a photo of a guy over there. fucking perverts.”

throw in some cunts and more fucks there.

fuck you mate.

“oh you wanna start something?”

haha. and… who instigated this in the first place?

well… arguably, me taking the fucking photo.

but still.

the way he assumed.

he had his 5 minutes of righteousness. then he went back to doing drugs. all good.

oh and then a fat guy at maccas said oh look out, its a papparazzi.

hahaha. i wish i had a comeback but i didnt. shame.


ps the fm rocks. it’s a fucking solid piece of camera (although without any ambient noise… its obvious as fuck).  im looking at the old school 28/2 for it. or the 24/2

28 isn’t much wider than 35mm though… so perhaps 35/24 would be a nice combo. severin seems to like it.

pps i have no lenses for it at the moment apart from the 85/1.8 af. (last night i used bens oldoldschool 50/1.4 from the nikkormat days)

collignon, down the john

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gah it looks so ugly and terrible in englais. whatever.

i photographed the dresden dolls a week ago. here are some photos.



i really liked the drummer. shot lots of him.dresden-04.jpg

jason webley was a supporting act.


he did a cover of hey ya.  accordion and audience.  hey ya.  fucking rad.


also supporting was the red paintings. i dont like them much but thier cellist was amazingly cool.

more jason webley…


and the drummer.


dresden-09.jpg dresden-10.jpg

i had a border around that one… dunno why. you can still see it though. dresden-11.jpg

and that one too… wierd. thats one of my favourites.

ok, back to uni applications…

new toy

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tri-x from today is drying. quickest film turnover i’ve ever done. usually it sits in the fridge for…

a while.


85/1.8 is super nice. bernhard is right.

looking for a 35/2.00000000000000000000000000000000000


love you long time

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i havent posted for ages. here. i put some stuff on deviantart, but whatever… perhaps some of that will go here too.

shooting lots more than usual. mostly work stuff and not personal stuff, but hey… i’ve finally developed all the rolls of film from my trip to central oz and have scanned them all.

some cool ones.

tri-x normal.


this one with the cosina, so some light leaks… never using that thing again. but i thought this was funny, and it sums up a lot of my trip.

the masses. at least she didnt use flash rated at 0 meters when uluru was fucking 2 k’s away.


tmax 400 normal.





more tmax 400 when i got back home.


thats all for now.