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whoever made this image…


is a downright cunt.

have some fucking respect. some fucking sensitivity. some fucking humanity.

when your dad dies, do one for him.

i’d love to see it. really.

fuck you.

i hope the rest of you real people are great. i’ve been busy. my computer discourages me from doing anything other than the bare fucking essential editing and organising…

next week. when the bank gets off its fat ass and contacts my dad the way he wants them to. fuckers.




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crispy lizard man was right.

i just lost a card of photos from a cool party of a good friend and i feel fucking bereft. it’s such a good word.

perhaps you never realise the importance of photographs until you loose them.

hope you are all well.

film rules.


found the motherfuckers!!!!!!

the relief one gets when they see them again. seriously, part of your soul gets returned to you. seriously. emo but true.

I still hope you are all well, and film stull rules!!


a rant

•August 24, 2006 • 3 Comments

a rant that will develop.

the jack sits here on the desk, card is dumping to the hd.

apathy kills us all at certain times. seems to last a while. looking in bookshops helps.

making yourself dedicated helps.

making yourself drunk helps and is often frowned upon. fuck that.

saw an fm today with some screw mount 135/3.5 for aus$225. if i can use some gear that a friend has… 35/2, md-12 perhaps… it would be fucking great.

i love shooting film.

i didnt today, but i had some scala200 in and thought better to have digital with me… and the 30/1.4. which i really really love to bits. i love shallow. about 45mm i find is a great focal length.

im finding how street can have you walk around for fucking ages being bored (personal opinion…). yes, that little thing called LIFE happens everywhere. all the time. but something has to grab me by the balls… its rare, unfortunately, that i have an urge from the depth of my very being to make a photograph of something or someone or whatever.

i think that this was cool though.


it’s weird… the past week i dont think i’ve shot anything really worth posting. apart from a photo of a friend on deviantart. yes i still go there. i just post here cause it’s easier to throw in photographs and make links.

i guess i’ll post more from today…

filming shit… and oblivious. fucking tourists…

the other end of the spectrum…




she was shorter than he was… and i overexposed. fixed in post *shame*




cool light.




cool bag… or maybe not… just whatever.


just plain cool.


lonely cheesburger…

we compared hungry jacks (burger king for you losers anywhere else) and maccas.


maccas won (cheeseburger… next week perhaps it’s the big mac vs. whopper)

this one is funny cause erins ass is in the bokeh…;)


and at rehearsal…

g’nite motherfuckers. peace out. haha, what a combination! hope my grandma never gets this url… not that she uses theĀ  web…


i like this photo at the moment

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another 48 hours

•August 13, 2006 • 4 Comments

perhaps… photography is a calling.

for me to live, see, feel… i’m feeling more and more how i just have to photograph what goes on around me.

what happens to the people i know and love. and sometimes it’s things that i see. but mostly people.


i look at photographs from last week… a few months back… some of my early snaps…

all the way to photographs taken by some relative or friend… 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years ago.

if they hadn’t made a photograph then, no-one else could have.

i enjoy recording beautiful things and people and whatevers to film or sensor, using dof, angles, distance, space, looking for light, keeping it sharp or not so sharp or totally blurred out…

but a lot of the time it just doesnt work for me. never hits me.

seems to take a lot to hit me.

not a lot… but something out of the blue… that just makes me feel a bit.

i know that at a wedding yesterday, i took a handful of frames that were… pretty special…

beautiful even.

but that doesnt mean i’m going to be moved.

i shrug it off and burn to dvd.

but in 20 years…


my dad went to a museum in his home city and saw a photograph of 4 guys sitting in the back of an old pick up truck.

one was his dad.

whom i’ve never met.

fuck, my mum never met my fathers father. he passed away before those times…

but he was photographed on the back of a truck with some chaps. and a ciggarette holder between his lips.

once i get going, i love just writing… streaming. freeballin’.

anyway, here is my last 48 hours…

drunk poets society… (inc.)


i can’t believe i took this home in a cab the other night…


new phones… (emo portraits were taken near here, but that was for last time!)


love this…


and i like this photograph of this guy… one of my best of him i think


on the bus home…


then we had a play by the lakes…


homage to zortyboy (if you know his work, you’ll know why)




this will be a print.


peace out.

lets be different…

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a shout out to the emos.

i know. life sucks. really.


eat your fucking heart out (if you haven’t already!!)


’cause… we can all be different. just pull down that fringe, give me that look, and desatch the red channel!

the doorbell rings…

•August 11, 2006 • 2 Comments

i thought… fuck… people selling shit… but i had already seen him from inside the office, and him me, while reading the rants of some guy.
so… t’would be rather rude to leave it for someone else. or not answer at all.

i open then door, and this guy from epilepsy queensland says hi, and asks if i want to make a donation.

he’s like… shorter than i am. with this slight frame. and the badge and the reciepts and the clipboard.

a volunteer no doubt.

i just saw him and… felt some.
i said yeah sure mate, how long have you been on?

only since 2pm. not bad.

i gave him a fiver. i would have given a $10 but i only had 20’s and a five… and didnt want to ask for change… cause that to me seems pretty fucking rude.

i couldn’t have not given some money… after spending 180 today, and with a wallet full of cash…

i should have given the 20.

ok, have some photos…

a friend.




memories of a trashy job;)


the afternoon light in my study…


some cool shit.


i drunk lots of






the walk to a cheaper taxi spot


we now have the same shoes…

peace out.